Styles of 90′s TV – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & Family Matters

It’s no surprise that fashion repeats itself. Some styles from the late 80′s to mid 90′s have definitely made their comeback. So this was the perfect excuse for me to write and article about the different styles of Jazzy Jeff, Steve Urkel and Carlton. Each deserving their own blog post, I decided to split it up.

Part 1: DJ Jazzy Jeff from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In my opinion, Jazzy Jeff always had better style than the Fresh Prince himself. Jazz was able to pull off different looks much better. From the image above, it’s obvious that particular styles/colors come back and catch the trend. However, the oversized black cardigan is too baggy of a fit. Look at how this look evolved today…

Another thing that set Jazz apart from Will was his accessories. Doesn’t he remind you of Big Sean? Or should I say, doesn’t Big Sean remind you of Jazz? The 90s wasn’t all about baggy clothes. Here is a classic look of Jazz, too good not to share.

Part 2: Steve Urkel from Family Matters

Steve Urkel came into the show midway of first season and stole the spotlight. Soon after, he became the main character. I believe that this was partly because his outfit. large-framed eyeglasses (with a sports band), striped polo shirt, suspenders, highwater pants, long socks, two-tone oxfords Let’s be honest, Steve Urkel’s look is completely outdated. Long-sleeved polos with pants pulled far above your waist by suspenders? I pass. So why am I writing this article? I realized that there is a little Urkel in everyone of us. So I decided to do a “Who wore it better?” the Jungle Cents version. Note: click on pictures to enlarge.

1. large-framed eyeglasses: Who Wore It Better?

Steve Urkel vs. Jay-ZWinner: Steve Urkel What were you thinking Jay? Looks like you took those glasses from a nerd. Kanye West vs. Steve UrkelWinner: Kanye West It was difficult choosing the winner but the tip went to Kanye on this one. Nerdy yet stylish.

2. cardigan: Who Wore It Better

Swizz Beatz vs. Justin BieberWinnter: Swizz Beatz Swizz Beatz is wearing a little too much purple but his cardigan has a better fit. David Beckham vs. Steve Urkel Winner: David Beckham It’s hard to pull of a bright red cardigan unless you’re David Beckham and/or have a wife named Victoria Beckham.

3. suspenders: Who Wore It Better? (If anyone had read our previous article, we talked about how suspenders suck in general.)

Steve Urkel vs. Ed Westwick Winner: Neither (because suspenders suck) I told you so.

4. highwater pants: Who Wore It Better?

Pete Wenz vs. Janelle MonaeWinner: Janelle Monae Pete Wenz’s outfit just looks plain sloppy (minus points for the suspenders). Thom Browne vs. Steve UrkelWinner: Thom Browne If you are Thom Browne, a designer known for suits that expose the ankles, you must know how to wear it.

5. Oxfords

Steve Urkel vs. Chris BrownWinner: Steve Urkel Chris’ shoes ruined his outfit. Will Ferrell vs. Brad PittWinner: Will Ferrell The oxfords complete his classy outfit. Brad Pitt’s shoes look small and beat up.

Whether you like it or not, there is a little Urkel in all of us. Next time you dress up, look closely into the mirror and find the Steve Urkel-esque in your outfit. Coming up in part 3… Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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