ZIPPO lighters from Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, ZIPPO lighters became a powerful token of our soldiers’ lives. You can see through the engravings on these lighters the fear, lonesomeness, and frustration of the soldiers. However, there still is wittiness in some of these lighters. There is a saying that soldiers have two things that they always keep dry- cigarettes and their lighters.

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”

“Death is my business and business has been good.”

With memorial day weekend just around the corner, be sure to take a moment to remember our soldiers who had served and are currently serving our country.

Vintage look – outdated or still in?

Vintage clothing is spreading among us- literally everywhere. Trends do come around in a full circle. But is all vintage apparel necessarily still in? (see below). Not always.

1. Horn-rimmed glasses- outdated or still in? STILL IN!

The Kipling from Contego Eyewear

Horn-rimmed eyewear has always been around for a reason. It’s simple enough for everyday casual wear yet classy enough to wear with a suit. The term, horn-rimmed, refers the original eyewear where the frames were made of either horn or shell. Today, horn-rimmed glasses are made of plastic, metal, and even wood! Regardless of its material, horn-rimmed eyewear will always be a classic.

2. “Vintage” t-shirts – outdated or still in?


During the last few years, the term vintage lost its own meaning. Faded prints on cheap fabric accounts for “vintage” apparel nowadays. Surprisingly, people pay the same price- if not more- for these “vintage” shirts over good-quality shirts! It’s an epidemic… Not all vintage t-shirts are awful. Shirts of your favorite sports team, artist, band, etc. back in the day are great. But Mickey Mouse? Spider Man? Really?

3. Pocket squares and tie bar – outdated or still in?


When wearing a suit, there is not much you can accessorize (without looking like a total snob). A simple pocket square or tie bar will refine your outfit. pocket square & tie bar vs. boring suit

4. Suspenders – outdated or still in?


Top 5 Post-game Looks

The folks have come up with the top 5 post-game best dressed athletes. We were sick of seeing David Beckham in almost every “best-dressed athletes” list so it was time for us to speak out.

5. LeBron James – Miami Heat

I still can’t decide whether or not I did this out of pity but LeBron deserves the ring #5 spot on the Top 5 Post-game Looks. The bright green tie goes great against the dark blue suit worn over a beige shirt. A little confused about the mustard-flower-looking-thing but it’s a great ensemble overall. There’s only one thing that is missing in his outfit… a ring! : )

4. Henrik Lundqvist – New York Rangers

New York Rangers goalie Henrik takes the #4 spot. Off the ice, he’s known to keep his style simple and clean. The navy blue skinny tie and the suit coat contribute to the overall slim-fit. Can’t forget about his signature, the pocket square! Sometimes, simple is better. skinny ties – 191unlimited – get it for 57% off here

3. Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks

The #3 spot goes out to Carmelo. You can tell that he’s one of the younger NBA players out there, unafraid of wearing bolder colors and different patterns. His checkered shirt inside a leather jacket keep him apart from the others. Trying new styles isn’t always so bad.

2. Tom Brady – New England Patriots

When you are Tom Brady, you get to suit up anywhere- even when your entire team isn’t. The gray suits and brown dress shoes are perfect for his all American look. Define your style and stay consistent.

1. Sean Avery – New York Rangers

Lundqvist’s teammate Sean Avery claims the #1 spot. Avery has been a prominent fashion figure among the athletes. After each game, Avery makes sure to stay clean cut. Athletes can dress nicely, so can you. It’s summer- get out of your filthy clothes and look nice for once.

The Shredder Clock

This brings “you snooze, you lose” to a whole new level! Having problems when it comes to waking up in the morning? You know what they say, “time is money”. The “Shredder Clock” wants to ensure that none of your time is wasted, as it will begin shredding whatever currency you put in, if the alarm does not get manually shut off immediately.

Simple and effective, the Shredder Clock will actually shred whatever you put in there from homework, to-do lists, etc. So make sure you really need to wake up when you put a $100 bill in there because there’s no snooze button.

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